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Feb 24, 2013 11:10pm EST
. >>> overseas, u.s. officials were shocked today when afghan president hamid karzai ordered all u.s. special operations forces out of a taliban strong hold. he says torture and other serious allegations have been leveled against afghans working with american forces in the area. u.s. officials strongly deny any suggestion that u.s. forces condone the kidnapping, torture or murder of afghan civilians or suspects. roughly half the u.s. force in afghanistan is set to withdraw by the end of the year. it's not clear whether today's development will change that timeline. >>> john kerry landed in london tonight on the first leg of his first overseas visit and the nation's top diplomat. kerry and foreign ministers from europe and the middle east set to meet with the syrian opposition on wednesday in rome. but some of the syrians are threatening to boycott that meeting. u.s. ambassador to syria is headed to cairo tonight to meet with the opposition in hopes of getting the talks back on track. >>> meanwhile, the violence continues as the syrian conflict approaches the two-year mark. this amateur video
Feb 10, 2013 11:10pm EST
was part of a conspiracy to cover up jerry sandusky's sexual abuse. tonight, a former u.s. attorney general hired by the paterno family tells me what he sees as flaws in the freeh report. >> unfortunately, there's just too much in the way of gaps in this report to make it credible. >> dick thornberg calls the freeh report seriously flawed and incomplete. his 40-page critique of the investigation commissioned by penn state's trustees finds failures and missing facts. gaps that led to speculation about what joe paterno did or didn't know about colleague jerry sandusky's sex abuse of joining boys. >> are you saying that joe paterno did nothing wrong? >> i don't think it's a matter of whether he did anything wrong, but a question whether he did what he was charged with doing. joe himself said he wished he did more. but there was no conspiracy. >> reporter: his look into the freeh findings came at the direction of paterno's widow, who released her own letter to all penn state letterman. saying "i am here to tell you as definitively and forcefully as i know how that mr. freeh could not have been
Feb 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
's a done deal, american airlines and u.s. airways will merge to create the world's biggest airline. but what does it mean for ticket prices and how about your dividend miles? jim is at reagan international airport with answers. >> so many questions. this is big. as we've seen with other airline mergers, nothing is going to happen overnight. with a dominant presence, a dominant combined presence already by both airlines here at reagan national, federal regulators may force increased competition here, which could be good news for local travelers. it's expected to take months for this deal to gear up. but for passengers who like to fly out of reagan national, observers say it could bring more options. not only domestically, but to places like latin america and the caribbean. still tonight some seasoned travelers don't necessarily think bigger is better. >> american is -- my experience with it has been rather bad. so i prefer not to try them to stay. >> hopefully it won't increase our prices. >> is that your concern? >> if there's no competition, yeah. >> we're excited about it. >> rep
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
report from mobile, alabama. >> reporter: after a celebration filled return to u.s. soil, passengers of the carnival triumph headed home trying to put memories behind them. >> i am getting on no cruise no more. first time and never again. >> trina of new york says after an engine fire cult power and knocked out the ship's sanitation system. raw sewage and garbage forced her on to the top deck for good. >> you could not go back in. to get to the room you have to walk through filth. >> hi! >> sandy made it back to illinois and wasn't taking anything for granted. >> i'm so happy. so happy to be home. >> meanwhile as passengers made their way home, investigators began their work here in a mobile ship yard, trying to figure out exactly what caused the engine room fire and turned this dream vacation into a nightmare. >> my best description would be, imagine a port-a-potty with 4,000 people. carnival apologized, given refund and offered in send tichs to passengers. that may not be enough to stem a tide of lawsuits. >> we intend to hold carnival responsible, legally for whatever harm they ha
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
. the u.s. government is suing him for using performance enhancing drugs during the tour de france. the justice department claims he cheated the u.s. postal service out of $30 million it paid to sponsor his team. the suit says he defrauded the government when he lied about doping. armstrong's attorneys the argue the postal service benefited from its sponsorship. >>> a decision strips dunbar high school from its turkey bowl playoff win. the school district says a member of the squad was not a d.c. resident and therefore not eligible to play. officials say he played in two games and that meant dunbar was not eligible to be in the final game. dunbar can appeal before the game on thanksgiving day. the league ruled that wilson high school used an ineligible player so that school was discalling. discalling. >>> coming ♪ for tapping into a wealth of experience. discalling. >>> coming for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country. for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions. for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
opinion allowing the government to kill u.s. citizens working with al qaeda. the president made the decision this evening. and it could affect confirmation hearings for his pick to be the cia director tomorrow. john brennan has been running the drone program and he and the administration have faced tough questions about the legal rationale for using drones to target americans overseas. >>> coming up, a gore may market in georgetown shut down. we'll tell you what health inspectors found, a man speaks out about his father, who lost his life trying to protect students front gunman on the alabama school bus. >> >>> popular gourmet market in georgetown shut down until further notice. the d.c. health department closed it because of a problem. >>> the man who opened fire last year, could spend more than ten years in jail. 28-year-old floyd corkins pleaded guilty today. he shot a security guard last august inside the downtown headquarters of the group. the guard was wounded. but he wrestled the gone way anyhow. corkins was carrying chick-fil-a sandwich sandwiches. he planned to smear th
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
two juvenile cases have been prosecuted for wearing ski masks while wearing crimes. and tonight, the u.s. attorney's office was unable to give us data showing how many times people were prosecuted under the law. >> i don't think that banning ski masks is going to reduce robberies in the district of columbia. >> council member phil m mendelson. people are allowed to wear headgear to protect themselves in the cold. >> and suppose ski masks were banned. what's next? scarves? >> wheeler realizes the ban might be unconstitutional, but something needs to be done to protect crime in the district. >> it's one of many, many, many tools that could -- that should be explored. . >> live here in northwest d.c., news 4. >>> breakingews out of phoenix, arizona, right now. crews are battling a huge fire at a 7-eleven. so far, no prort reports of inj it could be several hours before they put this thing out. no word on what sparked the massive flame. >> breaking news in mexico city tonight, 14 people killed, dozens others wounded. questions now are swirling around the blast. it hit one of latin america's
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
americans to avoid u.s. diplomatic facilities in turkey. >> hackers target twitter and gain access to information on hundred of thousand of users the latest in high profile security breaches. more on this from the news 4 live dex. wendy. >> twitter is a company that lives in the virtual world. twitter called the hackers extremely sophisticated. targeting everyone from the average social network user to some of the nation's largest newspapers. twitter tonight reached out to 250,000 of its users. telling them, change your passwords. the site found out that the hackers have been able to look at these users e-mails their addresses their password, other information that its not public on twitter. and you have got to remember, this comes after "the new york times," "the wall street journal," imagine the firewall those two publications have up. and they were infiltrated by hackers. those hackers, were based in china. not clear if these attacks on twitter are related to the attacks on the two giant publications. go become to twitter. 250,000 users. sound lake a lot. you got to remember, tw
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
bombing at a u.s. embassy in turkey. tuckish authorities say dna confirmed the bomber was a well-known member of the group. police say that bomber walked into the embassy in ankara yesterday and detonated an explosive vest around lunchtime. the bomber and a guard were killed and a turkish journalist were killed. >>> for weeks we've only heard tweets from robert griffin iii. tonight the redskins quarterback back in the spotlight. we'll have more on how the rookie of the year is doing after knee surgery. >>> the big easy ready for the super bowl sinceurricane katrina. security getting ready for the big game. >>> and a hearing impaired inmate at the d.c. jail is suing the >>> a former superintendent for the d.c. public school system has died, dr. arlene ackermann died this morning in new mexico after a battle with cancer. ackermann served as the superintendent for d.c. schools from 1998 to 2000. she also held that position in seattle, san francisco, and philadelphia. dr. ackermann was 66 years old. >>> d.c. police offering a reward tonight in a case they're now alling a homicide. 53
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
and holdups and other challenges. but working with the state department, u.s. embassy and russian courts she got the final go ahead so take lilly to america. >> just drive out of there as fast as we could. literally. just run. take her and run. >> for many months, lilly's room sat empty, but now she is here, her room and this home are now complete. >> the family had previously adopted patty from russia, now she has a little sister from her home land to grow up with. they are hopeful that the ban won't last and the other orphans that are waiting won't be left behind. >> truly hope, she is not the last one. i truly hope they reconsider this. >> coming up tonight a collection of 9/11 history not open until now. >> plus we have got more coverage as the blizzard bares down on the >> living in d.c., there's one room with some items from 9/11 that no one sees. that is until tonight. adam takes us inside mission hall. >> september 11th, 2001, that day changed the country in more ways than one and resulted in the creation of the transportation security administration. the tsa, located here in the non
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
on gender, identity or sexual orientation. >> chris van holland is one of seven u.s. lawmakers in cuba tonight. they plan to meet with cuban officials. the potomac contractor has been in a prison since '09 now. he's currently serving a 15 year sentence. >> president obama is back in the white house tonight with a controversy over his private golf vacation has not been put to bed. the president's weekend in florida included a round of golf with tiger woods yesterday. when asked who won, the president gave no answer, just a smile. some press corps members criticized the president's lack of action over the weekend. >> they're everywhere. those red light cameras generate millions in revenue each year. but some say the con tro vtrove cameras aren't doing their job. >> reporter: run that red light, odds are you'll get caught on camera. as more police departments opt for high-tech enforcement. >> we went from 54 traffic fatalities to 189. nineteen. >> that's dramatic. >> reporter: we found drivers in the washington region received $18 million in fines in just a one-year period. stralgt straig
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- oscar-nominated actress amy adams.
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
it to the base. he successfully led u.s. forces in a fierce fire fight despite being wounded by a rocket propelled grenade. today he fought back tears as president obama praised the american soldiers who did not survive. >> this award is for the eight soldiers that didn't make it and for the rest of the team that fought valiantly and magnificently. >> he now lives in north dakota with his wife and three young children. >>> the impact from the blizzard of 2013 is still being felt in parts of the northeast tonight. hundreds of thousands remain without power. most of the outages are in massachusetts. boston schools will be closed again tomorrow. a parking ban and snow emergency also remain in effect. the governor is asking people to use mass transit to keep as many cars off the roads as possible. >> some communities up in new york are still waiting for a plow. people in the long island town of brookhaven took to the streets today with shovels and snow blowers trying to get themselves out of there. they spent today calling local officials wondering when a plow would finally come and dig them
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13